about me

Hey! Nice of you to drop by. I am Mackenzie! A traveler, musician, and current Los Angeles resident.

I love to write and travel, and I love to give advice! So I combined my passions, and I took up blogging. At first, it was just a way to keep my friends and family up to date on what I was doing on Semester at Sea (my first big solo travel experience in 2012), but now it is something I want to use to inspire, teach and educate those who want to travel!

I write for the adventurers, the first-time-leaving-home-er, the haven’t-been-home-in-8-months-er, the study abroad student, the stay-at-home-mom planning the next family vacation, the dreamer, the trip list maker… Whoever you are…

Thanks for stopping by the wanderlusting traveler.

Traveling in India
Traveling in India — that’s the Taj Mahal in the distance.

I’m open to questions, and there are plenty of ways to keep up with me on social media!

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