My To Do List.

Here are just a few things I WILL be doing while on Semester at Sea:

  1. Trip to Rio while in Manaus, Brazil

  2. Safari and wine tasting in South Africa

  3. Taj Mahal while in Cochin

  4. Tokyo Disney while in Yokohama

  5. Rafting while in Vietnam

  6. Pho in vietnam also 🙂

  7. Whale and dolphin watching while in dominica

  8. Bar hopping and Atlantis in the Bahamas (even though it’s not TECHNICALLY part of the SAS trip) 

  9. Orphanage/service trip in Ghana

  10. Trip to the Great Wall (with my family during their spring break!!!!!!!!!)

So there’s a few highlights from the activities I’ll be doing. But honestly, that doesn’t even cover it. Since I really should be studying right now, I have to keep this short, but I am just SO excited and still have so much to plan!!

We board the ship in exactly 51 days. WOW. 51!! It’s going to be here so fast! I only have a week and a half left of classes, one week of finals, and then i’m HOME! I’ll be home from December 16- January 10th and then it’s back to Orange to pack up all my stuff and then I head to the Bahamas! I have yet to book my flight for that, but I’m going with my mama and we’ll probably leave sometime around the 13th/14th/15th and stay for several days before I leave on the 19th. I know that whole trip is going to absolutely FLY by too… But I can’t wait to enjoy it. 🙂


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