#SAS Day 2 in Bahamas

I can’t believe that this is only my second day here. It feels like we’ve been here for so much longer already! Yesterday we got into the West Providence island airport at about 9am and took a taxi to our hotel. With our 6+ bags in the back it was quite a full taxi. When we got to the hotel we were able to check in early and after settling into the room we headed out to explore a little. Mimosas at the pool bar started off our morning and we headed back to the room. We all ended up laying down for a second and passed out for several hours. The red eye flight had finally hit me. When we woke up we decided to go to the market to grab some food and hopped on the bus that took us right there. The drivers are quite crazy here and they drive on the left side of the road. Not to mention pedestrians rarely have the right of way. Back at the room we had drinks & cheese & crackers & fruit. Keepin it classy at all times 😉 Later that night we finally met up with a few other SASers and headed into town to find some dinner. In the lobby we ran into a few SAS kids and then grabbed a taxi to señor frogs. Dinner and drinks and we headed out to wander through the empty town. We turned down a random walkway and ended up at a dock on the harbor where we ran into a girl who had just come back from a yoga place on Paradise island which is where Atlantis is. We asked her a few more questions about the island because turns out she is living here for several months and ironically she had gone on SAS in 2004! We ended up talking for quite a while and she answered so many questions for us! What are the chances of us running into her?! We decided to share a taxi back to our hotel because she lived right next door. The first one that stopped had to go drop these people off at a hotel on paradise island so that was cool because we got to see the area over there. Then we headed back to our hotel, said goodbye to Laura, and hopped in the jacuzzi (lukewarm might I add) for a bit before crashing in my oh so comfy bed.

Now I’m sitting in the lobby at the hotel staring at at the beautiful view of bright blue ocean, swaying palm trees and very welcoming lounge chairs. In exactly 48 hours I will have boarded the MV Explorer and will be meeting all kinds of new people and I can’t wait!! Two more days in paradise and then begins the adventure of a lifetime.

Until the next time I feel like sitting down to write a post, or until I have wireless Internet again. Ciao!


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