I just want to go…

It’s been 1 year and too many days until I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime that now has me absolutely addicted to traveling, hence the blog name change. I now cannot imagine life without travel. I want to explore: new languages, places, foods, people. Everything! I will go absolutely anywhere, live anywhere, met anyone, eat (almost) anything. I don’t do drugs, and I think it is because traveling is my drug. All i dream about is anywhere else. I graduate in less than 6 weeks and I have no plan. I don’t know what I want to do, where I want to live, who I want to be friends with… I mean, really the list goes on, but all I know is that I truly don’t know. I am open to absolutely anything. I have a building list of possibilities and it grows almost any day. And the only things that stay to the bottom of the list are going back home and staying here at school.

Although I love both places, I no longer feel like I belong in either place. Ever since I left Seattle, I thought I had fallen in love with California, and now that I am ready to finish up here in California I am oh so ready to leave and feel like I am already in love with whatever comes next. I feel like a nomad or something. When I left for Semester at Sea I was so ready to leave California. There seems to be a constant pattern, being ready for whatever is next..

So now for my potential list:

  • Spanish Language immersion trip to Guatemala (like Sophomore year of high school all over again)
  • Orphanage/something in Africa
  • East Coast job/grad school (Boston)
  • Au Pair job in Europe!*
  • Writing job where I can travel
  • Anything travel related (any ideas?? connections??)
  • Back home to Sea-town
  • Stickin around OC for a temporary time

At this point, I’m honestly a little lost, especially with so little time left to “figure it out.” Only 6 weeks and I’m done with school forever. Unless of course, I go to grad school, but I sort of realized that I was only going to grad school because I had no other clue as to what else to do. I went to a grad school forum earlier in the week and was given the advice, “Don’t just go to grad school because you don’t actually know what you want to do. Grad school isn’t there to give you direction, it’s for furthering your studies on something you’re passionate about.” Maybe subconsciously that’s the reason I decided not to grad school this fall because I knew I wasn’t passionate about it and was looking for something else. I mean the only thing I was truly passionate about when it came to the BU grad school thing was the option of studying abroad for 6+ months.

So for now, I just now I want to travel. And I will do just about any job to do so. I’m not doing it for money or recognition, I simply want to leave…

The End… for today 😉

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