Traveling the Riviera Maya

There is a very good chance you have heard of Tulum, Mexico, or you may have even traveled there yourself. But more likely you know someone who has visited, or gotten married somewhere around here, or went on their honeymoon 15 years ago when it was simply a beautiful little unknown beach town.

Times have changed. Nowadays you can bike 20 minutes down the tree-shaded road past dozens of boutique beachfront hotels welcoming tourists from around the world. Tulum has become the “it” vacation spot for many people looking for a romantic getaway, a hidden and unique wedding spot, or a girlfriend getaway! And this past July, I joined the ranks of visitors, on a YOGA RETREAT!


Now before you scoff and shake your head at the idea, because trust me, I even thought I was crazy for agreeing to this in the first place, I highly recommend at least sticking around for at least the slideshow of photos at the end!

Yoga and bikini boot camp retreats have become the newest trend in Tulum. And with its secluded location, beautiful beaches, and incredible food, it was very apparent why Tulum stands out among the rest.

Tulum was hot, humid, and everything I could have hoped for! I took part on a 4-day yoga retreat hosted by 2 yoga teachers from Maha Yoga in Los Angeles, CA, Tom Morley and Ryan Orrico (of Burn Yoga fame), now known as the infamous Sweatapalooza. Our hotel for the long weekend was the incredibly gorgeous Amansala Eco-Chic Resort. Our 3-bedroom suite, complete with an ocean view, large bathroom, and a seating area where many friends joined our room to chat, was quite a place!

After enjoying a 3-day trip with my friend Brynn at an all-you-can-you, all-you-can-drink, all-inclusive resort, let’s just say we were ready for some exercise! 😉

The retreat consisted of 2 yoga classes a day, morning and night, and play time in between. With so much free time on our hands (this WAS a vacation after all), we spent our days exploring Tulum and all it had to offer. Our first day, we biked down to a beautiful water spot to swim. We spent hours just swimming around, lounging on kayaks, and staying cool in the hot July weather. We found a fabulous happy hour during our bike back to the hotel and spent a few hours enjoying mescal margaritas on tables in the sand.

The food at our hotel was so amazing. We had an included early breakfast before yoga which consisted of fruit, yogurt, and granola. Then we had a brunch post-yoga, and we could order extras like green smoothies, salads, and scrambles. Dinner was only included once, so most nights we are out at some incredible restaurants in the area. For such a small town, they sure had some top-notch chefs! My favorite was Guisados, because of its family style meal which had incredible variety. And to top it off, they had a fabulous cocktail menu. My favorite was the habañero mezcal margarita!

The rest of the trip was spent yoga-ing, exploring ruins in Tulum, snorkeling the “Gran Ceyote”, a big blue watering hole with lots to explore, and plenty of time was spent relaxing on the beach. The hotel had hammocks and hanging beds that we spent time relaxing in morning, noon, and night.

Our last night was spent with a big group dinner at the hotel, followed by a DJ’d dance party. Our hired DJ just wasn’t quite up to par with our dance song standards and essentially stormed off the “stage.” So yours truly stepped in as DJ MacDub and proceeded to host the most incredible dance party Amansala Resort has ever seen! *Side note: they may not have ever had a dance party before, but that is beside the point.. Needless to say, it was an incredible way to end part one of our Central American trip.

The next day we hugged our new friends goodbye and promised to see them all soon. Then Brynn and I were off to Guatemala for another week of adventure. We quickly realized we should have done our trip backward: Guatemala, Yoga retreat, and then the all-inclusive resort with no plans except to eat and drink. But that is a trip for another post.

Now, don’t take my word for how amazing Tulum is. It’s a little difficult to get to, and some hotels and restaurants are definitely on the pricier side (for the “luxury” crowd). But with accommodations in a range of ‘tent on the beach’ to luxury hotel, you will certainly find something that fits your budget and travel style.

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