#SAS Reading Day

Anyone ever have a reading day in elementary school? You got to bring pillows and blankets and books to school and just sit around all day and sometimes the teacher would even bring a huge thing of Costco size pretzels or big bag of popcorn. I pretty much lived for those days. Reading days were the best and I never imagined they could get any better, until SAS. (*disclaimer: Mom and Dad brace yourselves) So after Dominica, we continued classes with A2 & B2 days, and then came reading day. Reading day is meant to be a catch-up day for classes because with stopping in other countries, and the possibility of seasickness holding us back from top-notch school performance, we were given a Reading Day today. However, when it’s 75 degrees and sunny out, there are open lounge chairs on the top deck, and its oh so humid out, the only reading I was doing was the back of my eyelids while in my bathing suit (with sunscreen on of course! Some people weren’t so smart and the burns people got yesterday were enough to direct me to the 30SPF rather than my usual 15). All this was after waking up at 8am for breakfast, heading back to the cabin to do some homework (I was so proud of myself, but it was really because it was raining outside so laying out was initially out of the question) and then I fell back asleep until 12:30, when I headed to lunch. So after lying out for a few hours – and reading 2 chapters of my 3 chapter reading assignment – we headed for our 4 p.m. workout sesh. 15 minutes of an intense ab workout called Ab Ripper X, then our own routine to work the gluteus maximus areas, and then some lunges and stretches, I was nicely worked out. And I got to see a dolphin! We were just hanging out looking over the side and this little guys just pops his little fin out! So funny since we were in the middle of nowhere. Sadly, we lost him pretty quickly, but it was definitely fun to see. After the workout I had a little downtime, a little homework, and then dinner around 5:30. I was actually pretty proud of myself for the amount of homework I accomplished today, with all the sun and laziness calling my name from the top deck.

Since we’ve been at sea for 3 days and in classes for 2, it was a nice break. My classes have been surprisingly stressful, with lots of problems arising from our class required FDPs. This is the first time FDPs have been completely required for a class, as in ending the class with a failing grade if you can’t complete the FDPs. I have one particular teacher who has required the base of 2 FDPs and 3 additional service trips, for my Service Learning class. It wouldn’t be too bad to find trips if she know how to handle the system, because she isn’t even signing us up for the 2 she requires for her class specifically. So basically we spent the first half of both of our classes arguing about the FDPs to the point of everyone being pissed off and no one happy in the end. Hopefully at our next class tomorrow, we will be able to figure it all out.

Tomorrow we are supposed to be arriving in or close to arriving in the Amazon! So exciting!! We spend about 2 or 3 days going down the Amazon before we arrive in Manaus, Brazil. While there I will (hopefully) be doing a service trip, but the trip I’m excited for is an overnight on a riverboat where we get to sleep in hammocks and swim with the Albino river dolphins! The dolphins are somehow pink! I’m not really sure how that works but it should be fun 🙂

After 4 days in Brazil, then we head across the Atlantic Ocean for Ghana! It will take about 10 days to get there so it will be quite an interesting trek. I mean, we’ve only been at sea for 3 days and that will be a lot longer, and probably a lot rockier. I guess it just means I’ll be getting to know people better! Which I always love! It’s crazy to think I’ve only been here for a week and 1 day. I’m loving every minute of this.

Oh, so funny thing. We had another time change last night, but I somehow read the memo wrong and set it forward the night before, on the 25th. So the next morning we showed up to breakfast and hardly anyone was there. I mean typically at 8 in the morning very few people are there anyways, but it was eerily empty. So it turned out it was actually 7 am instead of 8 am haha oops! It’ll be interesting though, we had a time change to go forwards another hour last night, but before we get to Manaus we’ll actually go back to the previous time zone we were in. They go off of Eastern Standard Time and just count by plus or minus numbers, so right now we are in the +2 time zone, but Manaus is only +1. Once we head across the Atlantic it will be pretty interesting because there will be a ton of time zone changes pretty often since we’ve been heading mostly south since we left the Bahamas.

Hasta la vista!

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