#SAS South Africa

South Africa – The land of opposites.

It’s truly hard to explain my time in South Africa. Up until the last day I was having an amazing time. I had done shopping on the first day and was able to pick up several items I had missed while completely under packing for this four-month journey. Of course being the forgetful person I am, I still forgot a few essentials on the top of my list. But I got some great souvenirs and gifts to bring back home. One shop I visited was owned by a group of women in the townships (shantytowns/poor villages) and I loved their mission to own their own shop and create products, with a huge portion of the profits going back to them, rather than having a middleman sell the items. Hearing that story made me excited for the rest of my time in South Africa, to experience the culture, learn more about Apartheid, and the things we had been learning about in Global Studies. After a day of shopping and hanging out with friends, I left for day 2-5 on a safari and then returned for the last night and last day. Nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced on my last day, visiting the organization Operation Hunger. I apologize for the unusual blog post but I’m going to start off with the last day, even though I am still processing my experience.


missing post… will look for & update soon

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