#SAS Rough Seas Ahead…

A very somber mood overtook the shipboard community tonight as it was announced that due to rough seas we will not be making it to our next port of Port Louis, Mauritius. We are just past the edge of a hurricane currently in between Madagascar and Africa that is heading towards South Africa. We are getting bashed back and forth by the waves and had to reduce our speed from 23 knots yesterday to around 10 knots or below today. This not only means we will arrive very late to Mauritius but there is more bad news. Because of our reduced speed and in order to make it to India in time, we are only stopping in Mauritius to refuel and we will not be allowed to get off.

Apparently, we will be running into yet another hurricane/storm once we pass Mauritius, so I guess they are planning to have rough seas once we leave after refueling too. So that sucks…

So we have to add an 11-day trip at sea to the long trips list. I am NOT excited. Many students had independent plans for Mauritius so all those kids will lose their money. Luckily because I had an FDP planned I will get my money reimbursed so i won’t lose that. But it’s still very frustrating that we will be stuck on the ship looking at that gorgeous island and that’s all we get to do. Hopefully one day I’ll go back to see what I missed out on..

It would be nice if they replaced the missed port with something new or an extra day in one of the ports but i highly doubt that’s gonna happen.

Goodnight from the EXTREMELY rocky seas abroad..

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