7 Things All Airlines Need

This weekend, I was on the airplane dealing with the usual crying babies, mouth breathers, and this little teenager next to me who had the audacity to whip out a delicious smelling dinner of teriyaki chicken. Did I mention she was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME?! So that was fun…

So during my flight I came up with this wonderful list of things (in no particular order) I think need to be added to or improved on airplanes (I’m sure this list will grow).

7 Things All Airlines Need || wanderlusting traveler
wanderlusting traveler
  1.  Seats that don’t make you lean forward. Seriously, it’s like they designed the seat backs upside down. Who thought having thicker top sides was a good idea. I know the seats recline but if I want to fall asleep right off the bat, I’m practically fac down with a crick in my neck for a good portion of the flight.
  2.  On that note, I would also like seat bottoms that don’t make my butt go numb. Memory foam additions can’t be THAT expensive can they?! Down feathers. Cotton. Thick wool even! I mean really… Anything other than the 2-inch-thick stiff leather padding they have now that allows the metal pieces below to hinder my flight experience.
  3.  A few tray table additions…

7 Things All Airlines Need || wanderlusting traveler

7 Things All Airlines Need || wanderlusting traveler

  1.  Full soda cans at the pass-bys. I know I just asked for Coke and wasn’t specific about the amount, but ma’am do you really think I only wanted a double shot of coca cola to wash down this thimble size amount of a strange combination of powdery nuts and various crunchy snacks? Mom sure you couldn’t have thought that because that is ridiculous. Like the size of the cup of ice you just handed me with a few drips of my beverage of choice in it.
  2.  Chewy ice. You fellow ice fanatics out there knew exactly what I’m talking about. For those of you un-cultured swine out there (totally kidding, you’re just severely uneducated), chewy ice is made of those perfect-sized ice cubes that are small enough to chew and gives you a whole other drink because you are able to chew and melt the ice in your mouth much faster than those horridly large chunks.
  3.  Heated seats. That is all.
  4.  A book exchange/rental program. For those of us who forgot our Kindles/Nooks/various book-containing tablet. Or for those that didn’t realize that the dang thing wasn’t charged before we go on the 2+ hour flight. Danggit… Not that I have experience in either of those scenarios! All jokes aside. Shouldn’t there be a handful of books available for passengers onboard? I’m tired of the stupid magazines with too many ads. I’m sure there are just piles and piles of books left on flights. While I’m sure airlines currently donate these after they sit in the lost and found for way too long, I totally think they could be put to good use and stay on the flights!

What things do you think should be added onto airline flights?


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