My Favorite Travel Accessory!

So I wanted to let y’all in on my little secret for traveling. Okay… It’s not so much a secret, seeing as it’s one of the most popular tablets on the market today.

If you plan on taking a trip out of the country, in a place that might not speak English, or if you just love to read, then you should be hopping on the Kindle bandwagon! Yes, I have bias because I already own one, but I seriously love my Kindle Fire! I can’t say it enough!

kindle for travelers || wanderlusting traveler

*Side-note: My parents have the original Kindle, which I honestly love equally as much because it doesn’t have as much screen glare as the Kindle Fire (the only downside in my eyes), but my Kindle has color and more interactive games — much more like an iPad, but cheaper and smaller (which is perfect for my baby hands), and I just like it better.

I got my Kindle for Christmas right before I left for Semester at Sea and oh boy did that thing come in handy. Not only was it great to have a book available at all times, but it came in handy for so many reasons!

Fun Fact: in December 2011 (When I got my Kindle) approximately 1 out of 124 Seattle residents was using a Kindle! That’s a statistic I’m okay with being apart of 🙂 (found via

Here’s my top 3:

  1. The games — When I didn’t want to read, or just wanted to something to do in the last few minutes as I fell asleep, I played games! My personal favorite became MahJong! It put me right to bed (Except when I was stuck on a level, an then sometimes I was up way longer than I planned).
  2. The battery life — Although I was in very few truly rural areas, I didn’t always have access to electricity or always remember my power adaptor, which was great for trips that lasted several days, because my Kindle didn’t die. (Unless of course I spent several hours reading or playing games on a long road trip or something)
  3. The size — I love to read but lugging even 1 reasonably-sized book around can be a hassle! And seeing as I can sometimes go through a book a day, especially on a trip, this thing was my savior! I had an almost unlimited amount of books, all wrapped up in something smaller than a single book! It went in my purse, backpack, satchel – whatever I was carrying for the day. And it was great if I needed to grab wi-fi and go on the internet at some point during a long adventure and obviously couldn’t carry my laptop with me.

There’s a lot I still need to learn about my Kindle, like how to properly transfer documents onto it — I think I accidentally did it once.

But even without knowing 100% of the features, I love it! Definite necessity, in my opinion, when traveling.

Oh! And I have a really cute coral case on it, as you can see 🙂 If my “review” hadn’t already convinced you!

*All comments and opinions are my own.

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