Cruising Around the Lago.

I spent Saturday & Sunday around Lake Atitlan in the villages of San Pedro and San Marcos. Two very different cities, and very different from Panajachel! I’m glad I FINALLY got to go out on the lake, since I’ve been here in Pana almost a month already! Time certainly flies…

I got to hang out with my friend Katy, who is from the states. I have known her my entire life — she was born exactly a week before me. So our mothers dressed us up like sisters before they had younger daughters of their own to put in matching outfits. Katy and I were matching twins in diapers, practically sisters, and yet we have never spent more than a week together, never lived in the same state, and never have hung out without our parents/families around! Yet somehow we end up living in the same country thousands of miles away from both of our homes. Small world! We’ve been friends forever, but I can actually say we’ve really bonded since I’ve arrived in Guatemala. I’m so glad I got to spend time with her here! We visited her younger sister Jessa, who is living in San Marcos. All we need now is my younger sister to round out the trouble quartet 😉

We spent a lot of the weekend just lounging, getting some much needed rest & relaxation. Here’s a few photos from my weekend!

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