60 Little Tips That Can Change a Girl’s Life

I love this and follow so many of them all the time!! But I don’t agree with all of these… And if you know me well then you’ll know which ones I don’t agree with! Have a fun read 🙂


One small step for girls, one giant leap for womankind.
  1. Download a banking app.
  2. Drink more herbal tea. It will save your life.
  3. Making your own coffee/tea instead of buying it will make you a rich woman.
  4. Always have at least 6 chap sticks stocked up.
  5. Check out thrift stores. You may have to wash things three times before you get the old lady smell out, but it’s well worth it.
  6. Never buy cheap jeans.
  7. Buy cheap sunglasses instead.
  8. Don’t chase boys.
  9. Wrinkle spray and a hair dryer erase all need to ever use an iron for all of you lazy ironers like me.
  10. Wear slippers when you have to drive in heels.
  11. Wear slippers when you’re travelling.
  12. Wear slippers at all moments that it’s even slightly acceptable to wear slippers.
  13. Spend a little extra money on your make up; it’s so worth it.
  14. Get running sneakers that are actually…

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One thought on “60 Little Tips That Can Change a Girl’s Life

  1. Yes, #60 is an obvious non-Mac. But #17 causes concern…you’re not out there disgracing the family on that one, are you? Grandpa, however, would be SO proud!! I’m pretty sure he’d happily treat you on a trip to Rite-Aid! LOL!!


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